Mobile / Web APPS

Apache Spark is widely considered to be the successor to MapReduce for general purpose data processing on Apache Hadoop clusters. Like MapReduce applications, each Spark application is a self-contained computation that runs user-supplied code to compute a result.

Spark is particularly good for iterative computations on large data sets over a cluster of machines. While Hadoop MapReduce can also execute distributed jobs and take care of machine failures, etc., Apache Spark outperforms MapReduce significantly in iterative tasks because Spark does all computations in-memory.

Developing Mobile/Web Applications

When you are planning to develop a mobile application, points to consider is whether you required only app or website or both..

Application Development Points:

  • Design Basics
  • Purpose
  • Framework
  • Colour
  • Logo

Design Basics:The apps development mainly depends on users’ expectations. For example, if the app is developed for e-commerce business, then the shopping cart and online payment must be needed. Even before preliminary application development, you need to focus the basic design.

Purpose: Developing app and the purpose of the platform enables you to choose right app platform. Because there are many app platforms available like Android, iOS and windows, the Android is a major platform that the company prefers to promote their business in India because of the wide range of Android users, and iOS are preferred by entrepreneurs to double the revenue and generate profits. It is better, you are recommended to have a deep discussion with your preferred app development company to choose a platform that can achieve your purpose.

Framework: The framework is very important to consider, when you start to develop a mobile app, because it helps to amount the space between the features.

Color: The value of the color is necessary, when you are developing a set of features. In the same way, color can be used to highlight the features in a mobile app. Example, which can show the importance of the features, you can bold the specific features and color it which you prefer.

Logo: Represents your mobile app with the logo is very important to. It makes your app a brand and also helps users to find it easily. The logo has to be unique and good-looking.


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